Tuesday, February 2, 2010


More authors and publishers are signing up to sail away with us to the Mexican Riviera.

Author Cynthia Riggs will launch her 9th Martha Vineyard Mystery, TOUCH-ME-NOT from St. Martin's Minotaur. Her 92-year-old detective demonstrates that you can be up for anything at any age.

Lee Emory, owner of Treble Heart Books, will be with us representing her mystery line, WhoooDoo Mysteries.

One of Emory's authors, Jinx Schwartz, is already familiar with the Mexican Riviera--she's set her mysteries in some the the ports-of-call we'll be visiting. Her presentation on the area will get us ready for some shore time.

Artist and author Mary Montague Sikes (Monti to her friends) is ready to discuss romantic suspense. What better place than on a romantic cruise on the Pacific?

Good friend Austin Camacho, the author of the Hannibal Jones series, has published a book on marketing. While sailing on the currents, we will also have discussions on the "current" trends in publishing.

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