Monday, May 24, 2010


The deadline for the conference rate for the Mystery Cruise is coming up fast! We're hoping now that tax season is over people who are interested, curious or just want a memorable sea experience will put down the $250 deposit for a berth--totally refundable if plans don't pan out. Beverly is the contact at

My publisher, Billie Johnson of Oak Tree Press, has now signed up. She will be offering pitch sessions and I will be at her side--I'm the new acquisitions editor of the house. Meeting a publisher in person goes a long way to getting a contract. We get to see your enthusiasm first hand.

One of the panels I'm hoping to present is the Hispanic Voice In Mystery. Sarah Cortez put out the first Hispanic mystery anthology, HIT LIST. I write Hispanic characters in my San Joaquin Valley-based novels. Cruising South of the Border seems like a perfect time to talk about this subject.

Although pitched as a "Mystery Cruise," this is a conference for all writers. We used "Mystery" because those of us planning the cruise were authors who write mystery and true crime. There will be panels on editing, marketing and promotion, setting, developing characters, dialog and pitch sessions. The cost is less than most conferences--think about what a hotel and all your meals would cost at a regular conference. Add 3,000 potential book buyers, music and shows every night, and sunny MEXICO!

Do you really want to sit at home this November? Brrr!


  1. Oh, I would so love to go, however, my publishing company is taking every penny I have.

    What a delightful idea, though.

  2. Do we have any specific plans yet for the book-signing/book sale? It will probably be on an "At-Sea" Day, but has the cruise line approved it? How many books should we bring? How many of 'us' are signed up> I'm getting excited.