Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Partial Agenda

The lust for true crime is fired by the notion that bad people are good fun, so long as one doesn’t have to share a dark alley with them. Andrew Hagan

If you are a mystery or true crime reader or writer, you won’t want to miss this cruise. True crime enthusiasts will be treated to a feast of presentations and panels presented by experts in the field of organized crime, with a focus on Las Vegas and the Mob. The movie Casino dramatized the Las Vegas reign of Chicago Outfit enforcer Tony Spilotro. Aboard the Splendour you’ll learn the real story of Mob-run Sin City. Scheduled true crime sessions are:

How the Mob Skimmed the Las Vegas Casinos;
Las Vegas and the Mob;
Investigating Organized Crime; and
Life inside the Mob.

Presenters will include author and Las Vegas organized crime historian Dennis Griffin, retired Nevada Gaming Control Board agent John Miller, Vito Colucci and other retired lawmen.

A former Gambino crime family street soldier will tell what it’s really like to be in “the life.” This special guest will provide insights into organized crime you won’t see on TV or read in the newspapers. For security purposes his identity will not be released until the ship sails.

Fans of fiction crime and mystery will also have plenty to do when not in port. Published authors and publisher representatives will be aboard to put on a variety of presentations that will be entertaining and informative.

All sessions will include time for Q&A. And there will be plenty of opportunity for schmoozing and networking.

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