Thursday, January 21, 2010


People are starting to reserve cabins for the cruise. As authors sign on, I'm asking what panels they would love to present.

Peggy Ehrhart, author of SWEET MAN IS GONE would like to host a panel titled “Murder With a Beat: Mysteries with Musical Sleuths and Musical Themes.” That's one I've never seen at a conference before! We'll be looking for some authors with musical inclinations to join her. Other suggestions are “The Art of Mystery: Mysteries Featuring Sleuths Involved in the Arts.”

Marilyn Meredith, author of the Tempe Crabtree series and Rocky Bluff PD series suggests “Location, Location, Location: Choosing Your Setting.”

Madeline Gornell is interested in conducting a panel on "The Importance of Rewriting and Editing.”

Marion Moore Hill, author of the Deadly Past Mysteries, would like to see her Thomas Jefferson Sleuth joined by other Historical Mystery authors.

Attorney Dorinda Ohnstad, winner of the SEAK contest, is a bonus on a short story panel. Learn how she beat the odds to win the prize.

Canadian Lou Allin is willing to go South of the Border to give us a bit of Northern Exposure. Let's talk aboot Canada for a change!

I would LOVE to see a panel of Hispanic authors, especially since we're cruising to the Mexican Riviera. I've waiting for such a panel in many years of going to conferences. We're overdue! Any takers?

And I'm willing to put on my camouflage gear to teach “Write to Win: Guerrilla Tactics For Fearless Writers.”


  1. WOW, what great ideas! Sounds like this is going to be a good conference.

  2. Gee, I wish I could go, but I've already got plans to be in Hawai'i that week.

  3. This Marilyn will be there with bells on! Who can pass up the prices? Can't live at home for that.

  4. The newby is in! I am already getting amped up and it's helping my creative juices. I bet this is exactly what the doctor ordered!

  5. Hola Sunny, Wow! This sounds like a crazy crusie! This is very tempting by just looking at your crusie itinerary. Humm....let me check on the dates!

    Regulo Zapata author of Desperate Lands.

  6. My Liberty Oak series, Brittan Lee Hayuworth, is a music ethnologist, and the first book is filled with songs and comments on Sea Island slave songs and hymns. Sounds like a great line-up