Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Scharff and Freeman Murders

In June of 1981 Ronald Scharff and Patricia Freeman were found shot to death in a tavern owned by Ron Scharff in Lakemoor, Illinois. In 1982 former Chicago and Las Vegas Mobster Frank Cullotta became a government witness. During his debriefing by law enforcement authorities Frank named the person he believed was responsible for those murders. Amazingly, that individual was never questioned by the police, and for the next 27 years the killings remained unsolved. But that changed in 2008 when Cullotta's biography was released and his account of the Scharff/Freeman murders was read by a friend of the Scharff family. The investigation was renewed and the killer was named in 2009. In this video Frank Cullotta and retired FBI agent Dennis Arnoldy discuss the case.

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